Until I figure out this "capitalism" thing, I'm providing the following MP3s totally free of charge. And as long as you're enjoying things that are free, you can also get old episodes from my podcast, if you're into that sort of thing.

Treasure Island. You can get lots of audio book recordings of the famed children's novel "Treasure Island." But this is the only one available in which I read the book for you, while also giving a running and hilarious (to me, at least) commentary. Please enjoy the first, and perhaps only, edition of Classics Commentated. Also, please note that "Treasure Island" is in the public domain and you really can't sue me for this. So there.

Treasure Island audio book

Jazz Stories. In 2008 I was thrilled to discover that Seattle's KPLU was airing these amazing 30-second interview clips with some true legends. If you're an American or know one, you owe it to yourself to have a listen. If you own a radio station and would like to play some of these on your programming, zap me a message at chris@dcstandup.com. I can get you in touch with the proper authorities.

America's greatest artform

Sketches and Standup. Once upon a time I used to go out of my way to record audio-only sketches for no one in particular. Some of them are still amusing, even by 21st-century standards. Some of them (and a few old stand-up clips) are available for you here.

Laughing without pictures

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