As if being a non-famous comedian weren't enough, I am also a non-famous journalist. I was bored at college, I submitted a humor column to the campus newspaper, and somehow that ended up with me meeting senators from Nebraska. I used to work as a fact-checker and editor for world-famous opinion writers, I quit that gig to tell jokes in the Midwest, and now I write profiles of congressmen.

But don't take my word for it. I was the member profiles editor for the 2014 edition of CQ Roll Call's "Politics in America," a 1,200-page textbook with a short essay on every member of Congress and every House district. I'd guess I wrote about 20 percent of it myself and edited the rest, which was prepared by the excellent CQ Roll Call newsroom. You can subscribe to CQ Roll Call services to read the profiles online, or if you don't have a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can snag a hard copy from Amazon.

One man's quest to be the humblest person alive
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