They don't hand out TV shows like Tic Tacs anymore, so if you're an entertainer you're supposed to have a podcast. This was mine.

It's presented in conjunction with the DC Improv, so you're getting restaurant-quality interviews with a lot of the headliners that come through town.

Subscribing through iTunes: Go to the Advanced menu, pick "subscribe to podcast" and then enter the following url ...

Or if you want, you can just download the files straight from here by right-clicking on the links.

A List of MP3s to Make Your Commute Slightly Less Horrible

73. Loni Love (9/30/11). Historically black college marching bands, electrical engineering and "Basketball Wives" -- what more could you want from a podcast? Get to know Loni ( in this awesome edition. Loni Love (37 minutes)

72. Anthony Jeselnik (9/16/11). Anthony reports on the vibe at the Charlie Sheen roast, his novel-writing dreams and the joys of working in a movie theater. Anthony Jeselnik (31 minutes)

71. Rob Maher (9/7/11). Rob ( gives us a report on his recent tour of military bases in the Middle East. Appearing with Tommy Davidson at the DC Improv 9/8-11. Rob Maher (31 minutes)

70. Jake Johannsen 2 (9/2/11). Jake ( gets philosophical about his Midwestern roots, the Dollar Store and, of course, eating bugs. An action-packed episode with one of our favorite stand-ups! Jake Johannsen 2 (31 minutes)

69. Tom Green (8/26/11). Tom braves almost certain death in a hurricane to chat on the podcast. Find out his tips for running a talk show, the difference between public and private personas, and the most embarrassing moment of his life (maybe). Tom Green (30 minutes)

68. Dov Davidoff and Adam Ruben (8/19/11). Dov ( and Chris have a lighthearted discussion about the downfall of American culture, plus stand-up from Adam Ruben! Dov Davidoff (38 minutes)

67. Danny Rouhier (8/17/11). The host of WJFK's "Overtime" show tells us the truth about Tyra Banks and what it takes to get ready for sports talk radio. Danny Rouhier (36 minutes)

66. JB Smoove and Jeff Maurer (8/12/11). JB ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") tells us about his dancing career, his rollerskating skills and -- and then feature act Jeff Maurer shares his thoughts on his upcoming move to New York City. JB Smoove (35 minutes)

65. John Mulaney (8/5/11). He writes for "Saturday Night Live," he's a tremendously successful standup ... and he's only 28. Find out just how much you've been wasting your life in this exciting interview with the very funny John Mulaney. John Mulaney (23 minutes)

64. Felipe Esparza (6/10/11). The winner of "Last Comic Standing 7" tells us about his time grilling Dodger Dogs, the travails of being a reality show star, and his good buddy Gabriel Iglesias. Felipe Esparza (41 minutes)

63. Treasure Island (April 2011). All the chapters of "Chris White's Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island" are part of the RSS feed. You can also get them at the Treasure Island page.

62: Bob Marley 3 (11/18/10). The first ever guy to appear on the DC Improv podcast is back, and now he has a world record. Find out how Bob became the recordholder for world's longest continuous stand-up performance! Bob Marley 3 (34 minutes)

61: Todd Glass (11/4/10). We're back in action with Todd Glass, one of the most dynamic and original comedians around. Todd talks about his recent heart attack, the perfect way to stage a comedy show and whatever else comes to his mind. Todd Glass (35 minutes)

60: Christian Finnegan 2 (5/6/10). For our historic 50th episode with the DC Improv, we bring back Christian Finnegan, who is now an employee of Ice Cube. Seriously. Listen in as Christian talks about his new sitcom on TBS, his plans for a comedy game show and the reason he caved in and started Twittering. Plus some Brooklyn Cyclones baseball action. Christian Finnegan 2 (37 minutes)

59: Paul Mecurio (4/29/10). If there's a comedy project alive, Paul Mecurio is involved ... stand-up, writer for "The Daily Show," regular on "Bob and Tom," producer of his own sports comedy show. And if he ever gets bored, he can always fall back on corporate law. You know, for kicks. Some NSFW material. Paul Mecurio (44 minutes)

58: DC's Funniest College winner (4/20/10). Kasaun Wilson of Howard University won the DC Improv's Funniest College competition for 2010. Here he tells us about his plans for a comedy future, some of things he's already learned about the world of comedy -- and of course, the time he got fired from his job at the DC Improv. Kasaun Wilson (28 minutes)

57: Harland Williams 2 (3/11/10). Harland has been a busy guy since the last time we spoke -- he's got a new book, a new podcast, a new web site, and the same great insights into whether or not Ikea is a good location for a first date. Harland Williams (31 minutes)

56: Bert Kreischer 2 (2/18/10). Bert hits the ground running for his second visit to the podcast, giving us his thoughts on parental liability, potty training, his new TV show on the Travel Channel and ... the art of comedy. Bert Kreischer 2 (35 minutes)

55: Al Madrigal (1/21/10). The very personable Al shares some of his close encounters at other clubs (arguing with drug dealers in the crowd, that sort of thing). Plus he offers up some highlights from his old job: firing people! Al Madrigal (48 minutes)

54: Jazz Stories: Oscar Prince (1/20/10). Big band trombonist Oscar reminisces about the travel opportunites that jazz has given him over the years. Play an instrument, see the world! Jazz Stories: Oscar Prince (6 minutes)

53: Fun Science Facts: Electricity (1/15/10). The award-winning children's program returns with a super-cool look at the juice that keeps our modern world running. Be sure to listen with the whole family. Fun Science Facts: Electricity (7 minutes)

52: Werner Herzog makes a wedding toast (1/11/10). The acclaimed German filmmaker reflects on the perfect love of Gary and Linda in this touching, heartfelt wedding toast. A must-listen for any true romantic, or for anyone hoping to become a true romantic. Werner's toast (5 minutes)

51: Sebastian Maniscalco (12/10/09). Sebastian talks about tracing his comedy roots, family dinners, meeting Vince Vaughn, "The Jersey Shore" and more in his first visit to the D.C. Improv podcast. Plus we figure out a can't-miss marketing strategy for the rest of his career. Sebastian Maniscalco (40 minutes)

50: DC Benny 2 (10/9/09). A great comedic storyteller, DC returns to the podcast with some more Amazing Tales of Showbusiness. He gets us behind the scenes of reality TV, unveils the horrible truth about the Ricki Lake show, shares some great audition stories and fills us in on his big storytelling concert film. DC Benny 2 (33 minutes)

49: Donnell Rawlings (10/2/09). Washington D.C.'s own comes home for a few shows. Donnell ( throws the race card, shares the heartbreaking story of his first girlfriend, talks about his time in the Air Force (and Korea), and tells us where he gets his sense of humor. Donnell Rawlings (30 minutes)

48: Greg Giraldo 2 (9/17/09). Greg returns with an inside look at the dirty world of stand-up specials, some thoughts on his Spanish-Colombian heritage and what might make him cry, if you ever have to roast him. It's the bee's knees. Greg Giraldo 2 (28 minutes)

47: Allan Havey (9/3/09). Close to 30 years as a stand-up and still going strong. Allan talks to us about Catholic school, theater tricks, his late, great Comedy Central talk show and his role in the "The Informant!" Not to mention Abraham Lincoln. Do yourself a favor and find some "Night After Night" clips on YouTube. Allan Havey (33 minutes)

46: Will Durst (8/12/09). One of America's top political satirists, Will ( brings his one-man show to the DC Improv Lounge August 14 and 15. He stopped in mid-week to talk about the changing art of political comedy, the glories of C-SPAN and, of course, the coating of industrial foam on the inside of his lungs. Will Durst (31 minutes)

45: Greg Proops (7/23/09). It's Greg's line, anyway, as we talk about the Mongols, comedy on two continents, his start in improv, and -- most important -- fashion tips. In case you're wondering, flip flops are a horrible mistake. Greg Proops (40 minutes)

44: Flip Orley 3 (7/17/09). Our most popular podcast guest returns for a third visit! In this installment we get into some serious brainology, as Flip talks about hypnosis as a means to recover memories -- and whether or not that's such a good idea. Plus, we find out if "Flip Orley" is a stage name. Flip Orley 3 (36 minutes)

43: Judah Friedlander (6/18/09). The World Champion ( of just about everything a break from his global responsibilities to talk about his first time doing stand-up (in Washington, nonetheless), what's wrong with Hollywood and where he gets those great foam trucker caps you see on "30 Rock." Judah Friedlaner (31 minutes)

42: Into the Woods (6/16/09). A journey into the forest takes a magical, and somewhat pathetic, turn. A must-listen cautionary tale for any outdoorsy type, or for people who want to justify never setting foot into the godforsaken hellhole that is nature. Into the Woods (5 minutes)

41: "And Here's the Kicker" (6/5/09). Author Mike Sacks talks about his new book, "And Here's the Kicker," a collection of interviews with more than 20 famous comedy writers, including Harold Ramis, Dave Barry, Mitch Hurwitz, George Meyer, Robert Smigel and Bob Odenkirk. Fans and students of comedy will definitely want to listen to this episode. For excerpts, visit the book's web site ( "And Here's the Kicker" (31 minutes)

40: Ralph Harris (5/28/09). Ralph was one of the stars of "Last Comic Standing 5," he was a sitcom star on ABC, and now, the crown jewel of his career: the DC IMPROV PODCAST! Here he chats about growing up as one of 10 kids, his first ever attempts at comedy in Philly, how his family reacts to being a part of his act, and his one-man show. Ralph Harris (26 minutes)

39: Jeff Caldwell 2 (5/21/09). One of the original victims of the DC Improv podcast returns. This time, Jeff talks about his standards for friendship, his trip to Salt Lake City and how he acts in front of super famous people. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on May 21, 2009. Hosted by Chris White. Jeff Caldwell (30 minutes)

38: Brian Posehn (5/7/09). One of the stars of "The Comedians of Comedy" and "The Sarah Silverman Program" gets down to business and talks some serious nerd: comic books and Dungeons and Dragons. Plus some thoughts on his impending fatherhood. Easily the best beard of anyone we've interviewed, by the way. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on May 7, 2009. Hosted by Chris White. Brian Posehn (31 minutes)

37: Larry Miller (5/1/09). He's one of the most recognizable and hilarious character actors going, but in recent years, Larry has gotten back to his first love: stand-up. Here he talks about the art of comedy, his musical background, and his general (positive) attitude for living. Spend some time with one of the greats. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on May 1, 2009. Hosted by Chris White. Larry Miller (45 minutes)

36: Bobby Slayton (4/16/09). The legendary "Pitbull of Comedy" returns to the DC Improv in between his standing gigs in Las Vegas. Bobby is the absolute best at taking control of a show, and it turns out he can take control of podcasts, too. And as the guy who invented comedians on the radio, he's the whole reason we have a podcast anyhow. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on April 16, 2009. Bobby Slayton (31 minutes)

35: Aisha Tyler (4/9/09). This interview is about what you'd expect from a beautiful 6-foot-tall black woman who is also a video gaming nerd. Aisha talks about her awkward school years, the joys of the nonprofit world and, of course, Time Crisis. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on April 9, 2009. Aisha Tyler (35 minutes)

34: Christian Finnegan (4/2/09). The longtime dean of VH1 talking head shows shares his creative writing process, solves the problems of single-payer health care, talks about the suprising aspects of weight loss and explains why Twitter sucks. Don't miss his new stand-up special and DVD, due out in May. Christian Finnegan (41 minutes)

33: Harland Williams (3/26/09). Things get a little surreal as the "Rocket Man" star talks about world travels, his series of children's books and the virtues of bombing on stage. A must-listen for students of comedy or fans of weirdness. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on March 26, 2009. Harland Williams (31 minutes)

32: Flip Orley 2, Part One (3/19/09). Comedy? Hypnosis? A lifelong crusade against the elderly? That's what Flip Orley is all about. Probably the most popular guest for the DC Improv podcast. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on March 19, 2009. Flip Orley 2.1 (29 minutes)

32: Flip Orley 2, Part Two (3/19/09). Flip relates a few hilarious mishaps from his comedy hypnosis stage show. One involves a nose tackle. Really. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on March 19, 2009. Flip Orley 2.2 (18 minutes)

31: Bob Marley 2 (2/25/09). Our first-ever podcast guest returns! Hot off his Wednesday performance, Bob ( tells us about his post-show routine before talking about life on a movie set and the sequel to the cult movie "Boondock Saints." Plus, the usual 15 or so tangents. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on February 25, 2009. Bob Marley (36 minutes)

30: Eddie Gossling (2/12/09). The stand-up star ( lets us know about his stealing habit, what it's like growing up as a military brat and why his brother attacked him with a ninja star. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on February 12, 2009. Eddie Gossling (35 minutes)

29: Ben Bailey (2/6/09). The host of "Cash Cab" talks a bit about being a game show host on wheels, then goes into old yarns from his exotic dancing days. Then Anthony Michael Hall comes up. Seriously. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on February 6, 2009. Ben Bailey (35 minutes)

28: Keith Alberstadt (1/29/09). Keith started in Nashville; now stand-up has taken him all over the world. And he's still a dork. Listen as fellow dork Chris asks him about his travels, his politics, and how to make it big in New York City. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on January 29, 2009. Keith Alberstadt (30 minutes)

27: DC Rollergirls (1/16/09). ROLLER DERBY! Chris talks to Anti Entity of the DC Rollergirls about the sport, the fans, and their match coming up on Jan. 24 at the DC Armory. Something different, something fun. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on January 15, 2009. DC Rollergirls (23 minutes)

26: Guy Torry (1/8/09). Guy tells us his best sports moments, what it was like producing a comedy show for 10 years and some not safe for work raunchy stuff. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on January 8, 2009. Guy Torry (31 minutes)

25: D.C. Benny (12/27/08). Hometown hero D.C. ( gives some insight into the art of storytelling, plus tells us about his "Bohemian Waltons" upbringing in the nation's capital. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on December 27, 2008. D.C. Benny (21 minutes)

24: Bert Kreischer (12/21/08). Bert is the stuff of party animal legends. Here he talks about keeping up with his reputation, shares some good 'ol fashioned drinking stories, and makes a good case for his wife's sainthood. NSFW. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on December 21, 2008. Bert Kreischer (23 minutes)

23: The Gift of the Magi (12/17/08). Two brothers learn the true meaning of Christmas in this heartwearming tale. You'll be playing this for your grandchildren one day, assuming you are a horrible and uninspired grandparent. The Gift of the Magi (3.5 minutes)

22: Steve Byrne (12/11/08). Steve talks about the evolution of his act, his philosophy of performing, why he always wears a suit, and which stores at the mall are the best for meeting chicks. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on December 11, 2008. Steve Byrne (24 minutes)

21: Chris Coccia (11/28/08). Chris tells us fun things to do with a deep-fryer, then gets into his Philadelphia roots, learning to drive, and, of course, being the Purina Pet Comedy champion. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on November 28, 2008. Chris Coccia (30 minutes)

20: Robert Schimmel (10/23/08). Named one of the 100 funniest comedians of all-time, Robert is also the author of "Cancer on $5 a Day," which describes how humor got him through a near-fatal fight with the disease. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on October 23, 2008. Robert Schimmel (17 minutes)

19: Greg Giraldo (10/9/08). Often seen on Comedy Central, now seldom heard on the DC Improv podcast! Greg talks about the challenges of keeping an act topical, burning babies and living with Catholic guilt. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on October 9, 2008. Greg Giraldo (21 minutes)

18: Jim Florentine (10/2/08). The one-time voice of Special Ed talks tells us about heavy metal, his style of comedy, his upcoming HBO appearance and some other things we can't mention politely in this space. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on October 2, 2008. Jim Florentine (20 minutes)

17: Dov Davidoff (9/26/08). Now from Los Angeles, originally from a junkyard in New Jersey, Dov tells us about threesomes, Fidel Castro and cults in this very interesting chat. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on September 26, 2008. Dov Davidoff (25 minutes)

16: Gary Valentine (9/11/08). His mom signed him up for an open mic one day, and now he's a TV and movie star. Makes your mom seem pretty lame, huh? Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on September 11, 2008. Gary Valentine (17 minutes)

15: Washington Minute: Estate Tax (9/8/08). From Capitol Hill in the center of the free world, relatively young Republican Chris White brings you a Washington minute about the most important legislative task facing Congress today. Washington Minute: Estate Tax (3 minutes)

14: Pablo Francisco (9/3/08). The high-energy impressionist talks about "Movie Guy" Don LaFontaine, "Frank TV" and other adventures in showbusiness. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on September 3, 2008. Pablo Francisco (11 minutes)

13: Dave Attell (8/28/08). The former host of "Insomniac" and current host of "The Gong Show" was nice enough to stop by a few minutes before a sold-out show. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on August 28, 2008. Dave Attell (10 minutes)

12: Washington Minute: Convention Week! (8/15/08). From Capitol Hill in the center of the free world, relatively young Republican Chris White brings you a Washington minute. Get down, baby. Washington Minute: Convention Week (3 minutes)

11: Flip Orley (7/24/08). The nation's top comic hypnotist tells us about one of his greatest triumphs -- and one of his hypnotic disasters. Flip knows how to tell a story -- you'll enjoy this episode. Promise. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on July 17, 2008. Flip Orley (26 minutes)

10: Kevin Pollak (7/17/08). I get the "Usual Suspects" star to open up about his sordid past as an Ewok. Plus how he started his career as ... Bill Cosby. It's just as shocking as you're imagining. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on July 17, 2008. Kevin Pollak (22 minutes)

9: Star of the Game Show (7/15/08). It's All-Star Tuesday, so here we're listening in on an interview with one of the All-Stars of tomorrow. And if you don't like baseball, go to Russia. They need more sadsacks over there. Star of the Game Show (6 minutes)

8: John Witherspoon (7/10/08). The star of "Friday" and "The Wayans Brothers" talks about his hometown of Detroit, his time as a male model, and threatens to beat up his dad's ghost. Really! Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on July 10, 2008. John Witherspoon (26 minutes)

7: Brett Leake (7/2/08). Brett's act combines stand-up with philosophy and inspiration ( In this 25-minute interview, he talks about living with muscular dystrophy, using humor to make the most of everyday life and the people who inspire him. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on July 1, 2008. Brett Leake (26 minutes)

6: Jake Johannsen (6/30/08). DC Improv favorite Jake ( has been on the David Letterman show 732 times, and now the DC Improv podcast once. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on June 29, 2008. Jake Johannsen (22 minutes)

5: Fun Science Facts: Oil (6/23/08). Your host Chris White answers kid's questions about science in a FUN way! This time we're looking at oil -- where it comes from, how we use it and more great questions! Fun Science Facts: Oil (6 minutes)

4: Jeffrey Ross (6/12/08). The Roastmaster General is an accomplished comedy writer, filmmaker, and stand-up. In his spare time he tears people new ones. For a guy who verbally abuses folks for a living, he's very pleasant. Jeffrey Ross (22 minutes)

3: Favorite Island (6/8/08). Chris White and Jared Stern get away on a tropical island vacation! But like most vacations, somebody gets on somebody else's nerves ... and then somebody dies. All the classic comedy elements in one short sketch. Favorite Island (4:30 minutes)

2: Jeff Caldwell (6/4/08). Headliner Jeff Caldwell ( tells us about his glamorous career in sewage treatment, working with Bill Hicks in Baltimore and the San Diego Padres. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on June 4, 2008. Jeff Caldwell (19 minutes)

1: Bob Marley (5/29/08). Chris talks to headliner Bob Marley about his life in Maine, his movie career and other fun stuff. Recorded in the DC Improv Lounge on May 22, 2008. Bob Marley (17 minutes)

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