Back in 2009 I was named a web columnist for "columnist" for "Chris White Answers Profound Questions About the Presidents" ran for a year, and now I still contribute occasionally to the site. Here's a list of everything they've published thus far.

Question 23: How Should We Like Ike?
Question 22: Can the President Be Fat?
Question 21: Should the President Make Me Laugh?
Question 20: How Do I Make a President?
Question 19: When Did Things Get So Mean?
Question 18: Seriously, 35?
Question 17: Why Care?
Question 16: Can the President Take a Week Off?
Question 15: Was James Buchanan gay?
Question 14: How Awful was James Buchanan?
Question 13: How Close Can I Get?
Question 12: Does Sexy Matter?
Question 11: Why Won't the President Throw Strikes?
Question 10: Can I Be President?
Question 9: Who Should I Have a Beer With?
Question 8: What's Up With Log Cabins?
Question 7: Who Would Win in a Fight?
Question 6: What Did the Founding Fathers Smell Like?
Question 5: What Should I Get the President for Christmas?
Question 4: Can We Use a Man Like Herbert Hoover Again?
Question 3: Was Thomas Jefferson a Jerk?
Question 2: Should the President Grow a Beard?
Question 1: Is it OK to Dunk on the President?

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