I am an insanely talented and completely non-famous stand-up comedian. Some career highlights:

  • 2002: First open mic
  • 2004: First comedy album recorded, left day job to be traveling comedian
  • 2005 or so: Appeared on "Last Comic Standing" for 90 seconds
  • 2007: Did a show at a pool hall in Paducah, Ky.
  • 2011: Second comedy album recorded, returned to day job in defiant, artistically brave commentary on the exploitive nature of the entertainment industry

I've also been part of comedy festivals in Las Vegas, Seattle, Asheville and D.C. My clips have been featured on satellite radio, I once wrote a one-hour comedy show about the U.S. presidents, and I stalled a crowd for 20 minutes in Philadelphia until Paul Mooney showed up. You can catch me performing around the Washington, D.C., area, and if I have any club gigs on calendar I'll post them right here. In the meantime, buy my albums. They're crackalackin'.

I Take Requests (2011)

Since 2006 I've been taking requests: friends, family and strangers have challenged me to joke about 24 different topics (the list is right here). For every challenge, I gave myself a few weeks, then debuted the results in front of a live audience. Some suggestions were thoughtful, some were strange and some were cruel, but from Phil Collins to quadratic equations, they're all wrapped into this 67-minute album.

This show was recorded at the DC Improv Lounge on 6/18/11, with the aid of Matt Martin Audio. The album art is by my brother, Dave White. The album is currently available through iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.com.

Forbidden Style (2004)

Fun science facts, the truth about freckles, strange but true karate stories ... it's all on the first album from Chris White. Recorded in July 2004, "Forbidden Style" represents two years of work from one of Washington DC's comedy stars. Find out why the Boston Globe calls Chris a "hidden gem," and why Chris White calls Chris White "creative, smart ... the greatest human being who ever lived, including Dr. J."

That's 15 tracks (43 minutes) featuring the best of the early years, including maybe the best joke I'll ever write. (It's about freckles.) The physical CD features great artwork by my brother Dave and a chili recipe, but there are limited supplies at this point. If that's the way you want to go, you can e-mail chris@dcstandup.com or catch me at a comedy club.

If you're more into digital distribution, we've got you covered through iTunes, Amazon.com or Cdbaby.com.

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