When I do get around, I write about it. If you want to read exclusively about my visits to United States presidential sites, you can do that over here.

California, There We Went. The dramatic retelling of a 2014 vacation to the Golden State, in glorious technicolor. There's something for everybody -- glitz, glamour, presidents, fat blubbery mammals other than myself, a prison, some mansions, the L.A. Dodgers and some good old-fashioned American road tripping. Enjoy it before it falls into the sea.

California, There We Went

Presidential sites. If a president was born somewhere, lived somewhere, died somewhere or is buried somewhere, I plan on going there. Probably by myself. Everytime I go to a site, I take down a few notes and then crank out a little write-up for your reading pleasure. If you read them all, it's almost like you spent the best years of your life talking to park rangers in Ohio -- with none of the hassle!

Enter the magical world of presidential tourism

America the Beautiful. There's a 98 percent chance that you have no idea how awesome this country is. Here are write-ups of lots of the places and events that I have experienced since I started traveling the country as a comedian. Historic sites, museums, graveyards, baseball stadiums, Groundhog Day and pumpkin shooting contests all included.

This Land is My Land

Nerdcation 2014. A bachelor party in Milwaukee was the perfect excuse to drive around Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin in search of historic sites, breweries and baseball. Don't worry, I left out all the boring details of what goes on at a bachelor party in Milwaukee. I know my readers really only care about obscure historical facts.

Nerdcation 2014

Nerdcation 2013. With the wife out of town for a few days, it was time to go wild ... and get out of town to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Lexington and Nashville. Four straight days of history, baseball and cheap hotels, written up for your reading pleasure. (Or, if we're being honest, written up for my pleasure, and you can read it if you want.)

Nerdcation 2013

Notes on the Country of Australia. In May 2012 my wife and I took a two-week trip to Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne. I wrote 35,000 words about the whole damn trip, and I took pictures. If you're planning on visiting our greatest friends in the Southern Hemisphere, you can learn a bit about the place, and what a big idiot I am, by taking this in.

Notes on the Country of Australia

Nerdcation 2011. What better way to relax than by driving around the Midwest by yourself and seeing five different tourist attractions a day? Nerdcation 1 featured stops in Louisville, Indiana, Springfield, Ill., and St. Louis -- with visits to presidential sites, kids' museums, famous graves, the Gateway Arch, a Cardinals game and a couple of Motel 6s. I do these things so you don't have to.

Nerdcation 2011

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