Welcome to the online home for Happy Hour Trivia -- a one-hour bar trivia quiz held once a month at the DC Improv Lounge (1140 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC). Teams of hopeful brainiacs square off for glory and prizes, in one of the finest comedy venues in the country. The night is hosted by Chris White, a leader of the 1994 Penncrest High School championship Scott's Hi-Q Team.

It works like most bar trivia nights, only the production values are way higher and the questions are a little big tougher. Each game consists of four rounds. We usually have two standard "question and answer" rounds, where Chris reads questions over the microphone and you fill in your answer sheet. There's a timed "worksheet" round, and there's also always a video or audio round using the Improv's sweet projector. There are prizes for first, second and third place.

Unless we note otherwise, doors open at 6:30, the game starts around 7, and there is no cover charge. You can even reserve seats if you notify us in advance (trivia@dcstandup.com).

Next Trivia Night: May 14, 2015

Be there OR ELSE. Something.

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Last time at trivia ... (4/15/15)

We celebrated tax day and the 150th Lincoln Deathaversary with a rousing (and cozy) game of Happy Hour Trivia. Lots of presidential stuff -- more than usual. The worksheet had teams trying to guess the 10 worst presidents, as identified in a C-SPAN poll. "Lincoln Logs" had all kinds of Lincoln themed stuff. The video round, "You're Killing Me!" showed pictures of assassins and challenged teams to write down the victim. And "I Had a Bad Day" was built loosely around me puking my guts out. Seriously.

The Four King Idiots had a triumphant return to the top of the mountain. Then we had a three-way tie for second, with The Golden Triangle Gun Club, It's Pronounced Yeee-roscope, and S+M RN. Here they are in order of finish:

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