En route to Syracuse, I drove by car with Pennsylvania vanity plates: WWHMD.

I have thought long and hard about what this could mean. A Google search turned up a few hits related to the Insane Clown Posse, but nothing truly conclusive. Plus it wasn't really the kind of car an Insance Clown Posse fan would drive, in that it was a car at all, and I doubt their fans have the money to own such things. Here is my best guess:

What would He-Man do?

  • Your co-worker shirks his duties on a group project, leaving meetings early, missing every deadline and failing to complete assigned tasks in any useful capacity. You and other workers make up for the slacker by working twice as hard, and you do a fantastic job. Your boss decides to give cash bonuses to the whole team, even the lazy co-worker. What would He-Man do? Summon the power of Greyskull to transform yourself from a mild-mannered office worker into a hulking giant in a loincloth. Gently suggest to your co-worker, in the name of justice, that he hand over his bonus to other team members. If the co-worker refuses, hit him with a four-ton rock spire.
  • Desperately in need of rent money, you go for a walk to clear your head. While passing the house of a wealthy neighbor, you find a money clip holding $400 on the curb next to his Mercedes -- almost certainly his money, though he does not need it. You, on the other hand, run a non-profit foundation from your home to help starving syphilitic orphans. What would He-Man do? As prince of Eternia, you should have easy access to the planet's treasury. Clearly very little has been spent on planetary infrastructure or law enforcement, so it's not like you're putting the planet in the red or anything.
  • The Romans, tired of your rabble-rousing, decide that you should be crucified. They bribe a close friend of yours to betray your whereabouts, and you are captured, imprisoned, and slated to die. What would He-Man do? Though cowardly, your feline companion Cringer will seek out help if asked. Send him to find Man-At-Arms and Teela, who should be able to infiltrate the Roman prison with their flying sleds. Once freed, summon Moss Man, Man-E-Faces, Mech-a-Neck, Ram Man and Orko to invade Rome. Assassinate the emperor with a bolt of pure energy from the Power Sword and assume control of the mightiest empire known to man. Then send every available legion after Skeletor, instead of the usual small groups of oddly-powered vigilantes.

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