The West Plumstead Avenue Street Recreation Association Record Book and Related Asterisks

Home Runs, Kickball

  • Jimmy Delroy, 114
  • Danny O'Doyle, 103 *
  • Chris White, 98

* O'Doyle kicked 14 additional home runs from June 8, 1986, to June 17, 1986, when the pizza box serving as second base was lost and no local family ordered pizza for a week. Records for the Three Base Era are not recognized by the WPASRA.

Consecutive Wins, Kickball (pitching)

  • Geoff Lidle, 15 *
  • Jimmy Delroy, 8
  • Billy Stanton, 7 **

* Lidle's streak was preserved on three occasions when possible losses were suddenly interrupted by Lidle taking his ball and going home.

** Stanton's streak, while legitimate, is tempered by the fact that he was a 33-year-old bachelor going through a rough break-up and a bout of unemployment at the time.

Whangings, Stevenball

  • Tommy "T.J." Johnson, 1 *

* Stevenball, in which competitors attempt to whang Steven Johnson in the head with a small rock from a distance of 10 feet, was played exactly once in 1984 for a duration of 30 seconds before the league office forever suspended play and Atari priviliges for all participants.

Goals Against Average, Street Hockey *

  • Phil Iannucio, 8.32 **
  • Danny O'Doyle, 16.32

* The average WPASRA street hockey game from 1982-1987 lasted 23.24 minutes, with the shortest game at 2.5 minutes and the longest at 3 hours, 48 minutes before play was called due to the start of "The Dukes of Hazzard."

** Due to guilt purchases following his parents' divorce, Iannucio was the only player in WPASRA history to own goalie equipment, which he did not share -- clearly not behavior learned from his mother, who apparently shared quite a lot.

Deaths, Murder the Man With the Ball

  • Steven Johnson, 104 *

* On 95 occasions, Johnson was playing other ball-related games when spontaneous sessions of Murder the Man With the Ball began.

Leadoff Murders, Murder the Man With the Ball

  • Tommy "T.J." Johnson, 95

Receiving Touchdowns, Street Two-Hand Touch

  • Pete Patowski , 214 *
  • 5 others tied at 15

* Patowski was always paired with steady quarterback Frank Patowski, a former college-football standout whose dreams were upended by a serious knee injury in his sophomore season. All other teams were quarterbacked by Bob Delroy, Esq., a chain-smoking overweight lawyer in his late 40s who often wore dress socks with sandals and whose throwing motion was severely impeded by his desire not to spill his Yuengling.

Points Per Game, Basketball (half-court, White's driveway)

  • Alex Riley, 23.3 *
  • Pete Patowski, 10.2
  • Chris White, 8.7

* A thyroid condition gave Riley a two-foot height advantage over all other players from 1983-1985.

BMX Cinderblock Jumping

  • 15 tied at 0

Whangings, Tommyball

  • Steven Johnson, 1 *

* The only known game of Tommyball, in which competitors attempt to hit Tommy "T.J." Johnson with a Ford Festiva, was played in 2006 at a Johnson family holiday function that you may have read about in the papers.

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