The Blockbuster staff recommends drama

January 12, 2010

Brian recommends FIRST KNIGHT. Lady Guinevere realizes that King Arthur is sort of a creepy, boring control freak and finds herself drawn to the much cooler Lancelot. She tries to fight it, but Lancelot is so much better looking and laid back that Guinevere can't keep it in her pants. Even though Arthur runs the place. Great action, hot romance.

Jen recommends FATAL ATTRACTION. A stupid fling, which seems fun at first, is recognized as a horrible, horrible mistake when someone gets clingy and majorly insane. Basically, something that could have been fun goes south in a hurry because someone can't let it go or keep their mouth shut. It's really serious stuff. People die.

Pete recommends THE GOOD GIRL. A misunderstood loner finds out that his best friend's hot lady is a total skank who cheats with a co-worker. So he blackmails her into having sex with him! He gets away with it then the other guy dies. A great movie on so many levels.

Phil recommends THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS. Against a backdrop of sex and workplace intrigue, a relatively new hire rises to a position of great power in a matter of weeks by shrewdly manipulating his distracted co-workers. Sweet Night Ranger songs on the soundtrack, too.

Mary recommends BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. In essence, the story of people who have so many secrets that it starts affecting their job performance. It's serious stuff. People die.

Joe recommends OTHELLO. A boss has a great girl, great buddies and career success. I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but man, Orson Welles in blackface is hilarious!

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